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Request for Proposal

January 2, 2017

Submittal Due Date & Time: Until 4:30 p.m. on Monday, January 30, 2017

Interviews Conducted: By February 7th, 2017

Submittal shall be submitted to:
St. Charles Public Library District
One South Sixth Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174-2195
Attn: Edith G. Craig, Library Director

Number of Copies:
Submit 1 electronic and 5 hard copies of the proposal
Submittals submitted by fax or email will not be accepted.

Any Statement of Proposal submitted unsealed or unsigned, received via fax transmissions, email, or received subsequent to the aforementioned date and time, may be disqualified and returned to the submitter. Offers may not be withdrawn for a period of 90 days after proposal due date without the consent of the St. Charles Public Library District.
The St. Charles Public Library District reserves the right to reject any and all submittals of parts thereof, to waive any irregularities or informalities in proposal procedures and to award the contract in a manner best serving the interest of the Library. The Library will not return any materials received in response to this invitation.
Submittals will not be opened in a public forum.

I. Statement of Purpose
The St. Charles Public Library District (Library) has prepared this Request for Proposal in order to retain the services of a qualified firm to conduct a study of the Library’s personnel classification structure and its compensation package.
While public library services and operations have changed rapidly over the past ten years, the Library’s personnel classification system has remained relatively static. The impact of technology on work and services is the primary impetus for change – and the nature of the work performed by staff has changed as a result.

II. Background
For over 125 years, the St. Charles community has supported and benefited from a library. The Library became a district library in 1978 so that the Library would operate independently from the township government and extend the boundaries beyond the township limits and offer services to unserved neighboring communities and portions of the school district.
The Library is governed by an elected seven-member Board of Trustees. The Board provides policy direction over the Library system. They are responsible for final approval of the Library’s Budget and Tax Levy. Current services are financed through property tax revenue, fees, fines, public donations, and State and Federal aid. The Library provides a general collection of books, magazines, periodicals, electronic resources, and multi-media materials. The Library is part of a consortium that provides an online public catalog that has location and availability information among all of the libraries. The Library maintains a website ( that serves a variety of information and service needs 24 hours a day, including access to a range of licensed databases and eBooks, music and other downloadable material.
The Library serves a population slightly over 55,000 and circulates over 1.5 million items. There are currently 117 employees, with 60% of the staff being part time. There are five classifications and various salary ranges by position and classification.
The Library is committed to establishing a salary schedule (attachment A) based upon the complexity of the position, the relationship of that position to all other positions within the Library, and the relationship of that position to positions of similar qualifications and responsibilities in comparable communities. The schedule is currently established by grouping positions together based on their classification and assigning a shared salary range that is established based on comparable library community data. Employees advance through the Library’s pay plan via a merit system and a cost of living adjustment.

III. Project Objective
The Library seeks an updated Personnel Classification and Compensation Plan (Plan) that recognizes the changes in public library services and operations as well as the evolving financial conditions. This new Plan should include:
a. updated job descriptions, job classifications and salary schedules as well as recommended benefits schedules commensurate with labor markets;
b. labor markets that include both public and private sectors as appropriate for specific positions (e.g. Business Administrator, Facilities staff, etc.);
c. an evaluation of horizontal and vertical salary structure of the existing system with recommendations to achieve internal and external parity and equity;
d. an outlined proposal of action steps with recommended timing necessary to implement the recommendations. The action steps should be in sufficient detail as necessary to adopt the consultant’s recommendations without requiring ongoing support from the consultant during implementation

IV. Scope of Work
The study will include all full-time permanent positions – management, mid-management, and line classifications – as well as key part-time positions.
The Library seeks to answer the following questions as part of the study:
a. Are our current positions classified appropriately?
b. Certain classes and groups of classes (Librarian II, Circulation Staff B) include a high percentage of the staff and yet provide limited opportunities for career advancement. What options might be available to the Library to provide career ladders?
c. Do the position classifications reflect the changing environment in public libraries, with the increased emphasis on the use of technology to deliver services and to support the delivery of services?
d. Is the Library’s compensation package competitive with those of similar Illinois public libraries? How does compensation compare to those for positions that we compete with private companies for staff?
e. Are the salary relationships appropriate both vertically and horizontally?
f. Please analyze the entire compensation package. How does it compare to those of similar organizations? To those that we are competing with for workers? Do you have any suggestions for balancing the need for competitive compensation with the Library’s fiscal constraints?
g. Do the job descriptions reflect current duties? Please analyze the job descriptions to make sure work is not duplicated for a recommended organizational structure based on findings.

V. Library Resources
The Library will provide copies of all pay plans, salary schedules, job descriptions, organizational structure (Attachment B), and any other in-house information that the successful consultant may require to complete the study in a timely manner.

VI. Basic Tasks and Deliverables
The project should include the following tasks and deliverables.
a. Review background materials including organizational chart, personnel policies, job descriptions, the current classification and compensation plan, salary schedules, benefit packages and related information.
b. Develop a list of public libraries and other public agencies to be used for salary comparisons.
c. Meet with the Library Management Team to explain the philosophy and components of the study processes to be used.
d. Conduct orientation and briefing session(s) for all employees covered within the scope of the study.
e. Develop a job analysis questionnaire for distribution to each permanent employee and key part time employees; review and analyze the completed questionnaires; conduct interviews with employees as required.
f. Complete an internal salary relationship analysis to include the creation of internal benchmarks to establish and maintain internal equity.
g. Survey public libraries within the labor market to compare job descriptions, job classifications and total compensation packages. Compare the Library’s allocation of positions to library paraprofessional and professional positions as well as the relative allocation of position to management, including span of control data. Provide a written report including the methodology, findings and analysis of the data.
h. Allocate employees to an appropriate job classification within the updated structure. Develop externally competitive and internally equitable salary recommendations for each job classification included in the study.
i. Provide reports and updates on progress as requested. Meet as required with Library Management Team to review and discuss the proposed Plan.
j. Develop an updated Plan detailing: classifications, classification specifications and job descriptions as required to reflect uniform distinguishing characteristics, essential job functions, minimum qualifications, working conditions, license requirements, regulatory requirements and other responsibilities as appropriate; salaries and related salary structures; recommend deletion of outdated and unnecessary classifications. Document procedures for the implementation and maintenance of the Plan.
k. Submit draft Plan for Library review and modify as needed.
l. Prepare and submit final version of the Plan. Provide a written and electronic manual and final plan document. The final version should include an introduction and a section that describes the classification concepts and provides information about the distinction of various levels with classification series and other pertinent information.
m. Present the final Plan to the Library Management Team and the Library Board.
n. Additional activities may be suggested by bidders. Potentially, following the award of a contract, additional services may be identified by the Library or consultant. In order to facilitate the possibility of additional services, the Consultant is requested to provide a listing of the hourly billable rates for those persons assigned to this contract. No amendment may be entered into without prior authorization by the Library.

VII. Schedule
Below is the estimated timeline for the search for the HR consulting firm. The following schedule is subject to change. Except as provided below, changes will only be made by written amendment to this RFP.

Estimated Date                         Event

December 14, 2016                   Board approval to move forward

January 2, 2017                         Release Request for Proposals

January 30, 2017                       Proposals Due

February 8, 2017                       Interviews conducted

By end of February, 2017           Library Board Awards Contract (subject to delay without notice to proposers)

VIII. Questions

Proposers will be required to submit any questions in writing before the close of business Friday, January 13, in order for staff to prepare written responses. Written answers will be shared with all potential bidders. Questions are best received and most quickly responded to when sent via email directly to Questions will not be accepted by phone.

IX. Corrections and Addenda
a. If a proposer discovers any ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy, omission, or other error in this FRP, the proposer shall immediately notify the contact person of such error in writing and request clarification or modification of the document. Modifications will be made by addenda as indicated below to all parties in receipt of this RFP.
b. If a proposer fails to notify the contact person prior to the date fixed for submission of proposals of a known error in the RFP, or an error that reasonably should have been known, the prospers shall submit a proposal at their risk, and if the proposer if awarded a contract they shall not be entitled to additional compensation or time by reason of the error or its subsequent correction.
c. Addenda issued by the Library interpreting or changing any of the items in this RFP, including all modifications thereof, shall be incorporated in the proposal.
The proposers shall submit the addenda cover sheet with the proposal (or deliver them to the Library Director’s Office, St. Charles Public Library, One South Sixth Avenue, St. Charles, IL 60174, if the proposer has previously submitted a proposal to the Library). Any oral communication by the Library’s designated contact person or any other Library staff member concerning this RFP is not binding on the Library and shall in no way modify this RFP or any obligations arising hereunder.

X. Proposal Submittal
a. Form: Proposers must submit 1 electronic copy and 5 hard copies of the signed proposal by 4:30 p.m. CST on Monday, January 30, 2017. Proposals must be enclosed in a sealed envelope or package and clearly marked “Personnel Classification & Compensation Study”. Proposals shall be submitted to:

St. Charles Public Library District
One South Sixth Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174-2195
Attn: Edith G. Craig, Library Director

b. General Instructions: To receive consideration, proposals shall be made in accordance with the following general instructions:
i. The completed proposal shall be without alterations or erasures.
ii. No oral or telephonic proposals will be considered.
iii. The submission of a proposal shall be an indication that the proposer has investigated and satisfied him/herself as to the conditions to be encountered, the character, quality and scope of the work to be performed, and the requirements of the Library, including all terms and conditions contained within this RFP.

XI. Proposal Format and Contents
For ease of review and to facilitate evaluation, the proposals for this project should be organized and presented in the order requested as follows:
a. Section One: Organizational Information: Provide specific information concerning the firm in this section, including the legal name, address and telephone number of your company and the type of entity (sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation and whether public or private). Include the name and telephone number of the person(s) in your company authorized to execute the proposed contract. If two or more firms are involved in a joint venture or association, the proposal must clearly delineate the respective areas of authority and responsibility of each party. All parties signing the Agreement with the Library must be individually liable for the completion of the entire project even when the areas of responsibility under the terms of the joint venture or association are limited.
Provide a description of the firm, number of years in business, and its core competencies. Identify the key personnel and their back-ups who will be assigned to the program.
b. Section Two: Qualifications and Experience: Provide specific information in this section concerning the firm’s experience in the services specified in this RFP, preferably within the State of Illinois. Provide specific information on projects that have included classifications/or compensation studies for public libraries.
Examples of completed projects, as current as possible, should be submitted, as appropriate. References are required. Please provide names, addresses, and telephone numbers of contact persons with three client agencies for whom similar services have been provided.
Proposer must disclose any debarment or other disqualification as a vendor for any federal, state or local entities. Proposer must describe the nature of the debarment/disqualification, including where and how to find such detailed information.
c. Section Three: Project Approach and Work Schedule: Provide a description of the methodology developed to perform all required services, with an aggressive schedule that will complete within six–seven months, if possible. This schedule should contain specific milestones and dates of completion which will be used to set schedules. Also identify the extent of Library personnel involvement deemed necessary, including key decision points at each stage of the project. Information as to the type of any software that is anticipated to be used in the planning process should also be mentioned.
d. Section Four: Cost of Service: The proposal shall clearly state ALL of the costs associated with the project, broken down by category of products and services, and all on-going costs for recommended or required products and services, such as maintenance.
The project costs must be broken out and include all expenses that will be charged to the Library, including but not limited to hourly rates for labor, software costs, software maintenance costs, implementation fees, shipping, insurance, communications, documentation reproduction, and all expenses, including travel, meal reimbursement, hotel per diems, taxes, etc. Failure to clearly identify all costs associated with the proposal may be cause for rejection of the Consultant’s proposal.
e. Section Five: Identification of Subcontractors: Proposers shall identify all subcontractors they intend to use for the proposed scope of work. For each subcontractor listed, proposers shall indicate 1. What products and/or services are to be supplied by that subcontractor and; 2. What percentage of the overall scope of work that subcontractor will perform.
f. Section Six: Insurance: The selected proposer will be required to submit and comply with all insurance requirements necessary. Securing this insurance is a condition of award for this contract.
g. Section Seven: Additional Information: Include any other information you believe to be pertinent but not required.

XII. Selection Process
a. Selection criteria refers to the qualifications that the Library would require in order to award a contract for services, or qualifications that the Library intends on using to evaluate proposals in order to select the most qualified proposal for the project. At a minimum, respondents must provide all the requested information in this RFP. The Library will consider:
i. demonstrated ability to perform services described;
ii. experience, qualifications and expertise;
iii. quality of work as verified by references;
iv. costs relative to the scope of services;
v. a demonstrated history of providing similar services to comparable entities;
vi. the locality of the proposer.
b. The Library may, during the evaluation process, request from any proposer additional information which the Library deems necessary to determine the proposer’s ability to perform the required services. If such information is requested, the proposer shall be permitted two business days to submit the information requested.
c. An error in the proposal may cause the rejection of that proposal; however, the Library may, in its sole discretion, retain the proposal and make certain corrections. In determining if a correction will be made, the Library will consider the conformance of the proposal to the format and content required by the RFP, and any unusual complexity of the format and content required by the RFP. If the proposer’s intent is clearly established based on review of the complete proposal submittal, the Library may, at its sole option, correct an error based on that established content. The Library may correct obvious clerical errors. The Library may also request clarification from a proposer on any item in a proposal that the Library believes to be in error.
d. The Library reserves the right to select the proposal which, in its sole judgement, best meets the needs of the Library.
e. All firms responding to this RFP will be notified of their selection or non-selection after the Library has completed the selection process.
f. Generally, the firm selected by the Library will be recommended to the Library Board for this project, but the Library Board is not bound to accept the recommendation or award the project to the recommended firm.

XIII. Finalist Interviews
After initial screening, the Library may select those firms deemed most qualified for this project for further evaluation. Interviews of these selected firms will be conducted as part of the final selection process. Interviews may have their own separate scoring during the evaluation process.

XIV. General Information
a. Rules and Regulations: The issuance of this solicitation does not constitute an award commitment on the part of the Library, and the Library shall not pay for costs incurred in the preparation or submission of proposals. All costs and expenses associated with the preparation of this proposal shall be borne by the proposer.
b. The Library reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or portions thereof if the Library determines that it is in the best interest of the Library to do so. The Library may waive any deviation in a proposal.
c. All proposers submit their proposals to the Library with the understanding that the recommended selection of the Library is final and subject only to review and final approval by the Library Director and the Library Board. Upon submission, all proposals shall be treated as confidential documents until the selection process is completed.
d. Nonliability of Library: The Library shall not be liable for any precontractual expenses incurred by the proposer or selected contractor(s). The Library shall be held harmless and free from any and all liability, claims, or expenses whatsoever incurred by, or on behalf of, any person or organization responding to this RFP.
e. Proposal Alternatives: Proposers may not take exception or make material alterations to any requirement of the RFP. Alternatives to the RFP may be submitted as separate proposals and so noted on the cover of the proposal. The Library reserves the right to consider such alternative proposals, and to award an agreement based thereon if it is determined to be in the Library’s best interest and such proposal satisfies all minimum qualifications specified in the RFP. Please indicate clearly in the proposal that the proposal offers an alternative to the RFP.
f. Form of Agreement: No agreement with the Library shall have any effect until a contract has been signed by both parties.
g. Withdrawal and Submission of Modified Proposal: A proposer may withdraw a proposal at any time prior to the submission deadline by submitting a written notification of withdrawal signed by the proposer or his/her authorized agent. Another proposal may be submitted prior to the deadline. A proposal may not be changed after the deadline for submission.

Salary Schedule.pdf

Organizational Chart.pdf