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Nonfiction Materials about Divorce

J Parent Collection

Speaking of Divorce: How to Talk with Your Kids and Help Them Cope
by Roberta Beyer  J PARENT 306.89 BEY
This small handbook offers guidance for talking to kids about the concerns they may have in a parents’ divorce, including examples of words a parent could use to address specific situations.  123 pgs.

Was It the Chocolate Pudding?: A Story for Little Kids about Divorce
by Sandra Levins  J PARENT 306.89 LEV
Specifically for smaller children with concrete ideas and worries about divorce, this story centers around a boy who believed his parents divorced because he made a mess.  40 pgs.

Family Breakup
by Jillian Powell  J PARENT 306.89 POW
The author explains to children what it means when their family breaks up, why it happens and what will change in their lives.  32 pgs.

Split: Divorce through Kids’ Eyes
by Ellen Bruno  J PARENT DVD 306.89 SPL
Offering parents a window into the emotions of children in the midst of divorce is the aim of this documentary.  28 min.

Taking the "Duh" out of Divorce
by Trevor Romain  J PARENT DVD 306.89 TAK
In this video for elementary-age kids and their parents, an animated cartoon story addresses the feelings young people have when their parents are divorcing.  80 min.

J Nonfiction Collection

Don't Fall Apart on Saturdays!: The Children's Divorce-Survival Book
by Adolph Moser  J 306.874 MOS
Simple, straightforward advice is shared with early elementary students whose parents are divorcing.  61 pgs.

The "D" Word: Divorce
by Julia Cook  J 306.89 COO
A elementary student facing his parents’ divorce tells his grandmother about his concerns, and she gives him concrete advice for how to cope.  Unpaged

Talking about Divorce
by Nicola Edwards  J 306.89 EDW
This nonfiction title explains the common experiences of families facing a divorce in simple terms appropriate for early elementary students. 32 pgs.

Weekends with Dad: What to Expect When Your Parents Divorce
by Melissa Higgins  J 306.89 HIG
By telling a story about a young fox’s experience of his parents’ divorce, this book explains divorce to an older preschool or early elementary audience.  24 pgs.

The Divorce Helpbook for Kids
by Cynthia MacGregor  J 306.89 MAC
A selection designed for older kids to read independently, this book addresses emotions and situations kids may face when their parents divorce and offers guidance for effectively coping and solving problems.  133 pgs.

Divorce and Separation
by Patricia J. Murphy  J 306.89 MUR
Urging children to talk about what is bothering them, this title explains separation and divorce and addresses the basic issues and feelings that families and children face when parents separate.  32 pgs.

For other nonfiction titles about divorce, including books for adults, search for “Divorce.

Stories for Sharing with Young People

J Parent Collection

On the Day His Daddy Left
by Eric J. Adams  J PARENT ADAMS
When his dad leaves, a boy worries that it is his fault. He shares his worry with his parents, and each parent reassures him that it is not his fault, and they provide an environment where he can ask any questions he needs to ask.  Unpaged

My Mother's House, My Father's House
A girl talks about what it's like at her mother's and at her father's house, and she tells what she would like her own house to be like when she grows up.  32 pgs.

My Parents Are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts about Me
by Bill Cochran  J PARENT COCHRAN
A boy shares quirky facts about his life interspersed with his feelings towards divorce, and tells the reader whether those things make him weird.  Unpaged

What Can I Do?: A Book for Children of Divorce
by Danielle Lowry  J PARENT LOWRY
Rosie makes many attempts to persuade her parents to stay together, but when she learns that won’t work, she discovers what she can do to start feeling better.  46 pgs.

Two Homes
by Claire Masurel  J PARENT MASUREL
A cheerful young boy named Alex displays pride at the way he has two of everything like two homes, two bedrooms and two favorite chairs. The narrative doesn't mention divorce at all; it simply portrays parents in two separate households as a positive and normal situation in the boy's life.  Unpaged

Splitting Up
by Kate Petty  J PARENT PETTY
A boy observes his friend Maria’s family separating. He talks to his parents about what is happening in Maria's family and whether it could happen in their family.  22 pgs.

I Don't Want to Talk about It
by Jeanie Franz Ransom  J PARENT RANSOM
When her parents tell her they are getting a divorce, a girl expresses her feelings in terms of animals, such as wanting to roar like a lion or wanting to be like a kangaroo in a mother's pocket. Her parents offer comfort about her concerns.  28 pgs.

Loon Summer
by Barbara Santucci  J PARENT SANTUCCI
A girl, sullen about her family’s separation, experiences her first summer at the lake without both her mom and dad together. She slowly begins to accept the new circumstances and feel a sense of stability.  Unpaged

Standing on My Own Two Feet: A Child's Affirmation of Love in the Midst of Divorce
by Tamara Schmitz  J PARENT SCHMITZ
A little boy describes in simple statements how he is safe and loved at both his mother's and his father's homes.  Unpaged

I Have Two Homes
by Marian De Smet  J PARENT SMET
A young girl talks about her parents' divorce, portraying their sadness and hers about the separation. She describes positive and negative aspects to having two homes, depicting an environment that is stable and loving even in the midst of problems.  Unpaged

Mama and Daddy Bear's Divorce
by Cornelia Spelman  J PARENT SPELMAN
Through a story about a bear family, this picture book emphasizes the elements of a child's life that will remain stable in a divorce, and offers reassurance that divorce doesn't mean losing a parent.  Unpaged

Monday, Wednesday, and Every Other Weekend
by Karen Stanton  J PARENT STANTON
A red-haired boy describes his new life in two homes with his dog, Pomegranate. After Pomegranate runs away to their old house, the boy and the dog say goodbye to their former home.  Unpaged

Living with Mom and Living with Dad
by Melanie Walsh  J PARENT WALSH
A little girl talks about her life living with each parent, describing the ways she is cared for in concrete terms, like the activities she does with each and how the parents now take turns picking her up from school. Unpaged

Other Areas of the Collection

A New Room for William
by Sally Grindley  JE GRINDLEY
William is sad to move away from his old house, but when his new room is decorated, he starts to feel at home.  Unpaged

A Day with Daddy
by Nikki Grimes  JR GRIMES
A boy describes his satisfying day visit with his dad, playing sports, eating a meal, and going to a movie, and then he falls asleep happy, knowing he'll see his dad again in another week.  32 pgs.

Just Like Always
by Anne Perry  JR PERRY
A girl describes her life with her mom and dad living in two different homes, the different everyday activities she does with each of them, and communicates the feeling that she is loved, just like always.  31 pgs.

A Tale of Two Seders
by Mindy Avra Portnoy  HOLIDAY JE PORTNOY
A girl talks about the Seders she has with each parent in the years following her parents' divorce.  32 pgs.

For more fiction titles about divorce, including chapter books for older readers, search for "Divorce -- Juvenile Fiction."