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Safety and Kids

Here is a list of books and media on various topics related to the safety of children. Titles found in the sections listed below are arranged by call number. Please stop by the ASK ME Desk if you would like further assistance.

Sections include: General Safety, Safety around Strangers, Safety at Home, Online Safety, Street Safety, Playing Safely, Fire Safety, Abuse Prevention and Response and Domestic Violence.


Be Careful and Stay Safe
by Cheri J. Meiners  J 613.6 MEI
Appropriate for preschool children, this title approaches safety in a gentle way, encouraging behaviors like being careful, staying away from dangerous things and asking for help from a trusted adult.  35 pgs.

Staying Healthy. Personal Safety
by Alice B. McGinty  J 613.6 MCG
This book urges children to think about how to stay safe in many different contexts including with friends, with strangers, at home, in the neighborhood, and while playing and also keeping one’s body safe from uncomfortable touch.  24 pgs.

by Kate Purdie  J 613.6 PUR
Covering a wide range of safety topics, this book for older elementary students includes information about safety at home, in public, during sports, on the Internet, with strangers and in an emergency.  32 pgs.

Safety Awareness
by Schlessinger Media  J DVD 613.6 SAF
This video program offers basic safety guidelines for a range of situations and is targeted toward an early elementary audience.  23 min.

For additional titles, search for “Safety education -- Juvenile.” in the library catalog.


Once upon a Dragon: Stranger Safety for Kids (and Dragons)
by Jean Pendziwol  JE PENDZIWOL
This rhyming story uses fairy tale situations to explain safety principles to children.  Unpaged.

Say No and Go: Stranger Safety
by Jill L. Donahue  J 613.6 DON
This title gives simple, concrete tips for young children about staying safe around strangers including what to do to stay safe at home, on the phone, online and out in public.  23 pgs.

Stranger Safety
by Lisa M. Herrington  J 613.6 HER
Each page of this book offers strongly-worded cautionary rules about strangers and offers young children advice on who to ask if they need help.  32 pgs.

Ten Easy Tips for Staying Safe
by Cindy James  J 613.6 JAM
This title includes tips and simple explanations for staying safe including walking with a buddy, staying safe when home alone, knowing one’s names and numbers, dialing 911 and avoiding strangers.  24 pgs.

Safety around Strangers
by Lucia Raatma  J 613.6 RAA
This book, appropriate for elementary students, goes into detail and uses examples about ways to stay safe around strangers at home, outside, at school and on the Internet.  32 pgs.

Stranger Safety: Hot Tips for Cool Kids
by The Safe Side Company  J DVD 613.6 STR
This humorous video production offers practical tips for kids and instructions on identifying which adults they can trust.  42 min.

For additional titles, search for “Children and strangers -- Juvenile” in the library catalog.


Safety at Home
by MaryLee Knowlton  J 613.6 KNO
Presenting a number of everyday safety hazards, such as toys on the stairs, germs, hot water, reaching high places and a ball that bounces into the street, this book asks kids what to do in each situation and explains the outcomes of each choice.  32 pgs.

Staying Safe at Home
by Joanne Mattern  J 613.6 MAT
This beginning-reader format book describes the basics of staying safe at home, including avoiding sharp or hot objects and poisonous substances, having an escape plan in case of danger, knowing one’s address and calling 911.  24 pgs.

At Home
by Claire Llewellyn  J 613.6 LLE
Suitable for reading aloud to young children, this title offers advice for staying safe around common household hazards like electricity, hot things, sharp things, medicine and household cleaners.  32 pgs.

Home Safety
by Lucia Raatma  J 613.6 RAA
Appropriate for elementary students, this title goes into detail about home safety, including safety hazards in the home, emergencies, strangers that come to the door and Internet safety.  32 pgs.

Safety Smart at Home
by Disney Educational Productions  J DVD 613.6 SAF
This Disney video production uses characters from The Lion King to discuss a range of ways to stay physically safe within the home.  11 min.

For additional titles, search for “Home accidents -- Prevention -- Juvenile.” in the library catalog.


Internet Safety
by Anne Rooney  J 004.678 ROO
This title, written in simple-to-understand language, covers topics from sharing information online, chatting online, safe web sites, searching online and what to do if something upsetting happens.  30 pgs.

Internet Safety
by Nick Hunter  J 364.168 HUN
This title offers an in-depth look at online safety for older readers including protecting personal information and avoiding identity theft, viruses, scams and other potential threats.  56 pgs.

Safety Smart Online
by Disney Educational Productions  J DVD 004.678 SAF
This animated video from Disney cautions early elementary students to refrain from sharing personal information online and instructs that information shared on the Internet lasts forever. It also includes a sing-along song about online safety.  12 minutes.

The Safe Side. Internet Safety
by Sony Wonder  J DVD 004.678 SAF
This video uses a series of wacky skits to convey online safety information to kids on topics like email, the sharing of personal information and talking to people on the Internet.  42 minutes.

StarShine Workshop. Internet Safety for Kids
by Rising Star Studios  J DVD 004.678 STA
This educational video discusses five tips for staying safe online including protecting one’s personal information and not agreeing to meet strangers from the Internet.  13 minutes.

For additional titles, search for “Internet -- Safety measures -- Juvenile” in the library catalog.


Street Smarts
by Peggy Pancella  J PARENT 613.6 PAN
Covering a wide variety of street safety including riding in cars, walking safely, avoiding strangers, and what to do if you get lost, this book conveys simple guidelines for staying safe out in the world.  32 pgs.

On the Road
by Claire Llewellyn  J 613.6 LLE
This book for sharing with young children offers extensive advice on safely crossing streets and discusses staying safe in the car and near roads.  32 pgs.

Near a Busy Street
by Wil Mara  J 613.6 MAR
This title gives tips for staying safe around busy streets, including staying safe while crossing streets or riding a bicycle.  24 pgs.


Please Play Safe!: Penguin's Guide to Playground Safety
by Margery Cuyler  JE CUYLER
This book for sharing with young children demonstrates safe playground use by showing animals using playground equipment unsafely or safely.  Unpaged.

Play It Smart: Playground Safety
by Jill L. Donahue  J 613.6 DON
This picture book offers safety tips for using a playground, including watching for wet equipment, waiting your turn, using the slide properly and staying together.  24 pgs.

On the Playground
by Wil Mara  J 613.6 MAR
This entry in the “What Should I Do?” series suggests ways children can avoid injury while playing at the playground.  24 pgs.

Ride Right: Bicycle Safety
by Jill L. Donahue  J 796.6 DON
Suitable for sharing with young children, this title discusses using simple bicycle safety guidelines through a story about a young boy and his first bicycle.  24 pgs.

Safety on Your Bicycle
by Lucia Raatma  J 796.6 RAA
This basic guide to bicycle safety includes wearing a helmet, making sure a bicycle is sized right for you, tips for avoiding accidents, and the use of hand signals.  24 pgs.

Safety Hits. Volume 1
by Disney Educational Productions  J DVD 796.6 SAF
This video covers bicycle, roller skating and skateboard safety.  29 min.

For additional titles, search for “Playgrounds -- Safety measures -- Juvenile” and “Bicycles -- Safety measures -- Juvenile.” in the library catalog.


Stop, Drop, and Roll
by Margery Cuyler  JE CUYLER
This story about an anxious girl learning fire safety rules also offers a list of fire safety tips at the end.  Unpaged.

No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons)
by Jean Pendziwol  JE PENDZIWOL
This rhyming story about a girl and dragon caught in a fire teaches fire safety guidelines and includes a fire safety rhyme to emphasize concepts in the story.  Unpaged.

If There Is a Fire
by Wil Mara  J 613.6 MAR
This book describes concrete actions someone should take if they are caught in a fire and briefly discusses how to prevent fires.  24 pgs.

Fireboy to the Rescue!: A Fire Safety Book
by Edward Miller  J 628.92 MIL
Fireboy, attired like a superhero, explains and demonstrates what to do in case of a fire.  Unpaged.

Fire Safety
by Dana Meachen Rau  J 628.92 RAU
This beginning reader book offers basic fire prevention and safety tips.  31 pgs.

Staying Safe around Fire
by Lucia Raatma  J 628.922 RAA
Basic safety information is presented for fire prevention and safety, both indoors and outdoors.  24 pgs.

Safety Smart about Fire!
by Disney Educational Productions  J DVD 363.37 SAF
This Disney video uses characters from the Lion King to discuss fire prevention and safety for young children.  12 min.

For additional titles, search for "Fire prevention -- Juvenile." in the library catalog.


My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes
created by pro familia and illustrated by Dagmar Geisler  J PARENT 362.76 GEI
This book portrays a little girl explaining how touch is great when it is wanted by both people, but when someone touches her and she doesn’t like it, she has a right to say no.  32 pgs.

Staying Safe by Saying No
by Cynthia MacGregor  J PARENT 613.6 MAC
This title presents numerous situations in which adults present reasonable or compelling sounding requests to kids, and they learn that it is smart to say no to remain safe.  24 pgs.

StarShine Workshop. Healthy Touch, Good Boundaries, Safe Kids
by Rising Star Education  J PARENT DVD 613.6 STA
This video is designed to educate youth in grades 2 through 5 about appropriate touch and how to respond if someone violates your physical boundaries.  30 min.

An Exceptional Children's Guide to Touch: Teaching Social and Physical Boundaries to Kids
by Hunter Manasco  J PARENT 649.15 MAN
Using pictures and simple explanations, this guide explains different scenarios of appropriate and inappropriate touch and the ways to respond to it, including friendly touch, hurtful touch, accidental touch, touching oneself, not touching and the related situation of having one’s picture taken.  64 pgs.

Uncle Willy's Tickles: A Child's Right to Say No
by Marcie Aboff  J PARENT ABOFF
This story about an uncle who tickles in a way his nephew doesn’t like teaches children that they have a right to say no to touch that bothers them. Book includes a note for parents on the ramifications of unwanted touch for children.  32 pgs.

The Kid Trapper
by Julia Cook  J PARENT COOK
This is a story of a young boy sexually abused by a neighbor, who eventually confides his experience in order to prevent the same thing from happening to another boy. It presents an extremely sensitive scenario without using graphic language or pictures that allow families or counselors to open a discussion of abuse.  Unpaged.

Do You Have a Secret?
by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos  J 155.418 MOO
This picture book for children and early elementary students discusses the difference between a good secret and a bad secret and how kids should always tell the bad secrets to an adult they trust.  32 pgs.

I Like You to Make Jokes with Me, but I Don't Want You to Touch Me
by Ellen Bass  J 362.76 BAS
A young girl is uncomfortable with the local grocer touching her, and her mom teaches her how to say no to him.  28 pgs.

I Said No!: A Kid-to-Kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private
by Zach King  J 362.76 KIN
Detailed scenarios are presented on how kids can keep their private parts private, even if someone tries to manipulate them. The book includes concrete examples and words to rehearse.  38 pgs.

My Body Belongs to Me: A Book about Body Safety
by Jill Starishevsky  J 362.76 STA
This rhyming story portrays a preschool child who someone tries to touch “where no one else can see.” The child immediately tells and is praised and comforted.  27 pgs.

Your Own Safety
by Peggy Pancella.  J 613.6 PAN
This book covers general scenarios of good touches and bad touches and how to respond when someone does something that makes a child feel unsafe or uncomfortable.  32 pgs.

For additional titles, including titles for adults, search for "Child sexual abuse" in the library catalog. This search will find materials on both prevention and response.


Healing the Bruises
by Lori Morgan  J PARENT 362.8292 MOR
This graphic novel follows Julia in her healing process after she and her mother leave her father due to his physical abuse.  32 pgs.

Hear My Roar: A Story of Domestic Violence
by Gillian Watts  J PARENT 362.8292 WAT
This graphic novel portrays a bear family where Papa Bear drinks and becomes gradually more violent, until Mama Bear gets help from a local doctor.  56 pgs.

I Don’t Want to Go to Justin’s House Anymore
by Heather Klassen  J PARENT KLASSEN
A boy is reluctant to go to his friend’s house because his friend’s father is violent, but his mother doesn’t understand what he’s trying to tell her. He calls his mother to get him, and she finally listens and says that she will call someone to help.  Unpaged.

When Danger Hits Home: Survivors of Domestic Violence
by Joyce Zoldak  J 362.82 ZOL
This book covers multiple types of abuse including physical and sexual abuse and rape, as well as elder abuse. Primarily for older readers, it provides stories of survivors and includes warning signs, how to identify abuse and how to respond if you or someone you know is being abused.  128 pgs.

Talking about Domestic Violence
by Nicola Edwards  J 362.8292 EDW
Presented in simple language with photographs to be shared with children, this book describes how children and families may feel about and respond to circumstances of domestic violence and includes resources for finding help.  32 pgs.

When Daddy Hit Mommy
by Sheila Stewart  J 362.8292 STE
Beginning with a story about a time a young girl’s dad hurt her mom, this book provides information about domestic violence and seeking help.  48 pgs.

For additional titles, including titles for adults, search for "Family violence" in the library catalog.

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