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Titles found in the sections listed below are arranged alphabetically by author or by call number. For assistance or additional titles, please stop at the ASK ME Desk.


Kids Talk about Bullying
by Carrie Finn  J PARENT 303.69 FIN
Super Sam is used to solving problems for kids. In this book, he has great advice to share about different kinds of bullies and how to handle them.  32 pgs.

Little Girls Can Be Mean: Four Steps to Bully-Proof Girls in the Early Grades
by Michelle Anthony  J PARENT 371.58 ANT
This book outlines a four-step program that enables parents and caregivers to help girls cope with the many friendship issues in their lives.  282 pgs.

Bully: An Action Plan for Teachers and Parents to Combat the Bullying Crisis
by Lee Hirsch  J PARENT 371.58 HIR
Authors, educators, government officials and other experts offer ways for parents and teachers to combat the problem of bullying.  295 pgs.  (See also the companion film Bully.)

Hands Are Not for Hitting
by Martine Agassi  J PARENT 372.1782 AGA
Hands are great for saying hello, making things, and playing games. Even when you’re angry, though, hands are not for hitting. Learn the other things that can be done while feeling angry or scared besides hitting.  35 pgs.

Stop Teasing Taylor!
by Jana Carson  J PARENT CARSON
When Otis sees his friend Taylor being teased at school, he gets angry on Taylor’s behalf and yells at the bullies, attracting a teacher’s attention. Otis is then glad to see that the teacher puts a stop to the behavior. Unpaged

Nobody!: A Story about Overcoming Bullying in Schools
by Erin Frankel  J PARENT FRANKEL
Kyle’s persistent bullying makes Thomas think that no place is safe. When Thomas finds support from parents, teachers, and classmates, he discovers that Kyle needs help too.  44 pgs. (See also the Weird! series by this author.)

Say Something
by Peggy Moss  J PARENT MOSS
A girl sees people being bullied at school, but is afraid to get involved. Then, she becomes a target of the bullying and learns the importance of standing up for others. Unpaged


Willow Finds a Way
by Lana Button  JE BUTTON
Bossy Kristabelle starts un-inviting people to her birthday party when they don’t do everything she says. Shy Willow finds a way to bravely stand up for her classmates using actions instead of words. Unpaged

Jake’s Best Thumb
by Ilene Cooper  JE COOPER
When Jake starts school, a bully teases him about sucking his thumb. Jake then learns that most of his classmates, including the bully, all need something to help them feel better – especially at night. Unpaged

Bullies Never Win
by Margery Cuyler  JE CUYLER
Jessica, a first grader, has a bully named Brenda in her class who teases her every day. Jessica eventually finds a way to deal with Brenda without being a tattletale. Unpaged

Llama Llama and the Bully Goat
by Anna Dewdney  JE DEWDNEY
Llama Llama has fun at school until Gilroy Goat starts acting less like a billy goat and more like a bully goat. Telling the teacher fixes the problem, and after a long conversation and a time-out, Gilroy is playing nicely again with Llama Llama and his friends. Unpaged

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon
by Patty Lovell  JE LOVELL
When a bully picks on Molly Lou Melon on her first day at a new school, she remembers what her Grandma told her: walk proud, smile big and sing loud. Molly Lou follows her Grandma’s advice, and soon the whole world is walking, smiling and singing with her. Unpaged

by Christopher A. Myers  JE MYERS
Kids at school tease Ikarus because he has wings. However, when a bystander reaches out to Ikarus and speaks up for him, it makes all the difference. Unpaged

King of the Playground
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor  JE NAYLOR
Kevin wants to play on the playground, but when Sammy is there, he threatens to do terrible things to Kevin. When Kevin tells his dad, he gets some great advice about the best way to deal with Sammy’s threats.  30 pgs.

The Recess Queen
by Alexis O’Neill  JE ONEILL
Mean Jean is the queen of recess; she bosses everyone around on the playground. Then a new girl arrives and puts a stop to Mean Jean’s behavior by becoming her friend. Unpaged

by Laura Seeger  JE SEEGER
A little bull, who has experienced hurtful words from bigger bulls at home, is mean to the other farm animals until one of them shows him how hurtful his actions have been. Unpaged

Felix Stands Tall
by Rosemary Wells  JE WELLS
Felix’s new friend Fiona pushes him to dance in the talent show. Even though they win first prize, Felix is then teased by his classmates. Will Felix learn to stand tall against bullies and be his own person? Unpaged


Oliver Button is a Sissy
by Tomie DePaola  JR DE PAOLA
Oliver likes to paint pictures, read books, and tap dance, but the other kids in his class call him a sissy because he doesn’t play sports. When Oliver enters a tap-dancing contest, the other kids see how amazing he is at dancing and the teasing stops.  48 pgs.

No More Teasing
by Fran Manushkin  JR MANUSHKIN
It really bothers Katie Woo when the class bully teases her. One day, Katie decides to ignore him, and she discovers he doesn’t tease her if she doesn’t react to it.  24 pgs.

A Big Guy Took My Ball
by Mo Willems  JR WILLEMS
When a big guy takes Piggie’s ball, she tells her best friend Gerald the elephant. When Gerald goes to confront the big guy, he gets a couple of big surprises. 56 pgs.


My Last Best Friend
by Julie Bowe              J BOWE
After her best friend moves away, Ida decides she isn’t going to make any new best friends. At first this seems easy because of a class bully, but a new girl named Stacy might change everything.  146 pgs.

Jake Drake, Bully Buster
by Andrew Clements  J CLEMENTS
When Jake was a second grader, he got paired with Link, the class bully, on a school project. Jake asserts himself with humor and heart, and makes some surprising discoveries.  73 pgs.

The Hundred Dresses
by Eleanor Estes  J ESTES
Wanda Petronski is teased at school for her funny last name and because she wears the same old blue dress every day. Wanda tells everyone she has a hundred dresses at home, but no one believes her. After Wanda moves away, a classmate discovers how hurtful the class’s actions were.  80 pgs.

Odd, Weird, & Little
by Patrick Jennings  J JENNINGS
Woodrow thinks the new kid at school, Toulouse, is a bit odd – but when they unite against the class bullies, they both discover the value of a friend.  149 pgs.

Stepping on the Cracks
by Mary Downing Hahn  J HAHN
During WWII, Margaret is worried about her older brother, who is serving in the army. At school, she is tormented by Gordy, the school bully. When Margaret discovers Gordy’s secret, she has to make some difficult decisions.  216 pgs.

My Heart is Laughing
by Rose Lagercrantz  J LAGERCRANTZ
Dani misses her best friend Ella, who moved away. Dani’s teacher tries to cheer her up by placing her between two other girls, but the girls bully and pinch Dani instead. When Dani’s retaliation has unexpected consequences, she finds help with a trusted adult.  119 pgs.

TJ Zaps the New Kid: Stopping a Social Bully
by Lisa Mullarkey  J MULLARKEY
Livvy, the new girl at school, ridicules the other kids and tries to prevent them from attending TJ’s birthday party. TJ asks his father to help work out a solution.  80 pgs. (See also other titles in the TJ Traper: Bully Zapper series.)

by Patricia Polacco  J POLACCO
Lyla and Jamie become fast friends when they meet at school, but some nasty encounters with a clique of mean girls leads to cyberbullying. Things come to a head when Jamie is accused of stealing test answers and must find the true culprit. Unpaged

EllRay Jakes is Not a Chicken
by Sally Warner  J WARNER
EllRay Jakes has a problem: his father has promised that the whole family will get to go to Disneyland if Ellray can stay out of trouble at school for a week. But staying out of trouble is hard if bullies are ganging up on you.  108 pgs.


Carlos is Gonna Get It
by Kevin Emerson  JH EMERSON
Trina knows Carlos is weird and annoying, but when a cruel prank is planned with Carlos as the target, she has to decide whether to go along with her friends or stand up for what she knows is right.  291 pgs.

The Bully Book
by Eric Kahn Gale  JH GALE
Eric has always been a quiet, average kid at school who avoided attracting attention. When he begins sixth grade, however, he finds himself the target of systematic bullying, the rules of which are laid out in the mysterious “Bully Book.”  230 pgs.

by Mark Goldblatt  JH GOLDBLATT
It’s 1969, and 12-year-old Julian, having been caught in the act of bullying, is forced to keep a journal for a teacher where he talks about the incident and why it happened.  275 pgs.

Blackbird Fly
by Erin Entrada Kelly  JH KELLY
Apple, a Filipino American girl entering middle school, experiences increasingly unbearable bullying as the year progresses. She finds solace and hope in Beatles music, and wants to learn how to play the guitar, hoping it will change her life.  296 pgs.
by Joe Lawlor  JH LAWLOR
Jun Li, a seventh grader, has been wrongly accused of cyberbullying. He has very little time to find the true culprit before he is expelled from school, and must navigate through a world of overprotective parents, distrustful teachers, and cruel classmates.  246 pgs.

by R.J. Palacio  JH PALACIO
Auggie Pullman was born with facial deformities that have kept him hospitalized and homeschooled until he starts his fifth grade year at Beecher Prep. His presence at school affects everyone, from his sister to the school bullies. Will his classmates choose kindness over cruelty?  315 pgs.

by James Preller  JH PRELLER
Thirteen-year-old Eric deals with a question of conscience. If you see someone being bullied and don’t do anything about it, does that make you as bad as the bully?  226 pgs.

So Not Okay
by Nancy Rue  JH RUE
Tori is a quiet sixth grader who avoids Kylie, the mean girl at school. Then Kylie selects Ginger, the new girl, as a bullying target. Tori uses her faith to guide her through some tough decisions. Will she stay silent but safe, or to stand up and do what she knows is right? (See also other titles in the Mean Girl Makeover series).  286 pgs.

By Rachel Vail  JH VAIL
When Truly gets into the popular group at her middle school, she starts to realize that her new friends might not be as nice as they seem. The friendship dynamics, secrets and lies are amplified by the constant presence of social media.  282 pgs.

Warp Speed
by Lisa Yee  JH YEE
Marley has lots of experience running from bullies. When he’s offered a place on the school track team, he has to cope with being more visible at school – and discovers a bully’s terrible secret.  310 pgs.


The Dodgeball Chronicles
by Frank Cammuso  J 741.5 CAM
Artie, the new kid at Camelot Middle School, manages to open a mysterious locker that no one has ever been able to open before. The school bullies, jealous of the cool stuff Artie finds in the locker, challenge him and his new friends to a high-stakes dodgeball game.  141 pgs.

Babymouse: Queen of the World!
by Jennifer Holm  J 741.5 HOL
Babymouse is excited to hear that popular girl Felicia Furrypaws is having a slumber party. But will Babymouse get an invitation?  91 pgs.

by Hope Larson  J 741.5 LAR
Abby is excited to be back at summer camp, but all of her friends have changed since she last saw them. Have they all decided they’re too cool to hang out with Abby anymore? And what’s going on with the new girl, Shasta?  170 pgs.

Tommysaurus Rex
by Doug TenNapel  J 741.5 TEN
Ely’s dog, Tommy, has been hit by a car, so to help Ely deal with his grief, his parents send him to his grandpa’s farm for the summer. There, Ely discovers a friendly Tyrannosaurus Rex, but Randy, the town bully, is out to make Ely’s life miserable.  136 pgs.


Why Are You Picking on Me?: Dealing with Bullies
by John Burstein  J 302.3 BUR
This book is about recognizing and dealing with different kinds of bullies. No one strategy is good for every kind of bully, but victims can get help using the tips in this book.  32 pgs.

Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell their Stories
J 302.3 DEA
Popular authors who write stories for kids and teens present their own experiences with bullying in this collection of true stories. Some stories are about victims, some are about bystanders, and some are about the bullies themselves.  369 pgs.

We Want You to Know:  Kids Talk about Bullying
by Deborah Ellis  J 302.3 ELL
All kinds of kids, ranging in age from 9 to 19, tell their stories about bullying. Each story has discussion questions at the end, so it can be shared with others.  120 pgs.

by Elizabeth Raum  J 302.3 RAU
Learn what bullying is, who it affects, the different forms it takes, and how kids can put a stop to it. Talking to an adult is one of the best things you can do to prevent bullying. Discussion questions are included.  32 pgs.

Smartphone Bullying
by Addy Ferguson  J 302.343 FER
Learn about smartphones and how bullies sometimes use them to reach their victims even when separated by distance. Strategies for stopping smartphone bullying are discussed.  (See also the other titles in the Stand Up: Bullying Prevention series.)  24 pgs.

Teen Cyberbullying Investigated:  Where Do Your Rights End and Consequences Begin?
by Thomas A. Jacobs  J 345.025 JAC
This book contains profiles of a number of court cases centered on cyberbullying. Each chapter contains a case summary, the decision of the court, discussion questions for the reader and summaries of related cases.  195 pgs.

Bullying and Me:  Schoolyard Stories
by Ouisie Shapiro  J 371.58 SHA
Kids from all different backgrounds talk about their experiences as the victims of bullies. Advice and tips from Dr. Dorothy, professional of educational psychology, are included at the end of each story. Unpaged


My Blog:).  Why Are There Bullies?  (What Are They Thinking?) 
J DVD 302.3 MY
This DVD focuses on the many reasons why someone might become a bully. Viewers will gain a better understanding of the reasons behind bullying, which might give them a stronger foundation when facing a bully. (See also the other titles in the My Blog:) series.)  14 min.

Arthur Stands up to Bullying
Four animated stories featuring Arthur the aardvark portray different aspects of bullying. Zero tolerance policies, the difference between friendly teasing and bullying, and more issues are addressed in the films.  56 min.

Chrysanthemum: And More Mouse Mayhem 
Chrysanthemum thinks her name is beautiful and perfect, but other kids say it’s too long. What will Chrysanthemum do when those kids make fun of her?  76 min.

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