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I’m Adopted
by Shelley Rotner  J PARENT 362.734 ROT
Text and photos work together to demystify the concept of adoption for young children.

Jin Woo
by Eve Bunting  J PARENT BUNTING
When Davey realizes that his parents still love him, he decides that having a new baby brother from Korea will be fine.

You’re Not My Real Mother!
by Molly Friedrich  J PARENT FRIEDRICH
An adoptive mother tells her daughter the reasons that she is her "real mother." The young girl realizes that her mother is right, even though they do not look alike.

Ten Days and Nine Nights: An Adoption Story
by Yumi Heo  J PARENT HEO
A young girl eagerly awaits the arrival of her adopted sister from Korea.

Did My First Mother Love Me?: A Story for an Adopted Child
by Kathryn Miller  J PARENT MILLER
Morgan's adoptive mother reassures her that her birth mother loved her by reading a letter written by her birth mother. This book includes a section on talking with your child about adoption.

We Belong Together
by Todd Parr  J PARENT PARR
This book is intended to be read with someone you love. Feel free to change the pronouns in this book to fit your family.


by Judith Caseley  JE CASELEY
Melissa's parents adopt Kika from another country. The two girls then learn about being sisters.

Tell Me Again about the Night I Was Born
by Jamie Lee Curtis  JE CURTIS
A young girl asks her parents to again tell her the story of her birth and adoption.

A New Barker in the House
by Tomie DePaola  JE DEPAOLA
Twins Moffie and Morgie meet their new adopted brother, a three-year-old Hispanic boy.

A Mother for Choco
by Keiko Kasza  JE KASZA
Choco is a lonely little bird looking for a mother. Will Mrs. Bear give him a home with her other children?

I Love You Like Crazy Cakes
by Rose Lewis  JE LEWIS
A single woman describes her trip to China to adopt a baby girl.

Goyangi Means Cat
by Christine McDonnell  JE MCDONNELL
A cat helps a young Korean girl adjust to her new American home.

Pablo’s Tree
by Pat Mora  JE MORA
A special tree was planted on Pablo’s adoption day. His grandfather decorates the tree each year to celebrate Pablo’s birthday.

by Allen Say  JE SAY
Allison doesn’t look much like her parents; in fact, she looks more like her favorite doll. A stray cat helps Allison to solve this issue.


Family Matters
A Reading Rainbow episode where we learn about a variety of ways that families are created.

J FICTION (Grades 3-6)

Special Delivery
by Ann M. Martin  J MARTIN
Flora and Ruby are about to get a cousin when their Aunt Allie adopts the baby that she always wanted.  196 pgs.

Ben and the Sudden-Too-Big Family
by Colby Rodowsky  J RODOWSKY
Ten-year-old Ben has been happy living with his dad. When his father remarries, Ben is unsure about changes that include adopting a baby from China. Will this suddenly-big family turn out to be all right?  120 pgs.

JH FICTION (Grades 6-8)

Kimchi & Calamari
by Rose Kent  JH KENT
Fourteen-year-old Joseph was adopted from Korea by Italian-American parents. A school assignment causes him to search for information about his birth family.  220 pgs.

Saffy’s Angel
by Hilary McKay  JH MCKAY
An eccentric, artistic family helps their adopted daughter go back to her home country of Italy to find a special memento.  152 pgs.
Exclusively Chloe
by J.A. Yang  JH YANG
What happens when Chloe Grace, the adopted daughter of Hollywood movie star parents, goes undercover as a normal kid?  245 pgs.

All the Broken Pieces: A Novel in Verse
by Ann E. Burg   J 811.6 BUR
Airlifted from Vietnam as a refugee and later adopted by an American family, twelve-year-old Matt slowly adapts to his new life.  219 pgs.


All about Adoption: How to Deal with Questions of Your Past
by Ann Lanchon.  J 649.145 LAN
This book helps adopted teens understand questions and concerns they may have about their birth history.  104 pgs.

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