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Time after Time after Time

Life after Life                            

Kate Atkinson

My Name Is Memory
Ann Brashares

The Incrementalists
Steven Brust

A Dog’s Purpose
W. Bruce Cameron

Paulo Coelho

The Gargoyle
Andrew Davidson

The Man in the Empty Suit
Sean Ferrell

Soul Survivor
Jeanne Glidewell

The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells                   

Andrew Sean Greer

Ken Grimwood

Falling Light
Thea Harrison

Winter's Tale
Mark Helprin

Jane Was Here
Sarah Kernochan

Yes My Darling Daughter
Margaret Leroy

The Repeat Year
Andrea Lochen

Jacob’s Folly
Rebecca Miller

Cloud Atlas          

David Mitchell

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
Claire North

The Reincarnationist
M. J. Rose

Rainbow Rowell

Edge of Tomorrow
Hirosh Sakurazaka

One Great Year
Tamara Veitch


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