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New Titles Fiction July 2014

General Fiction

Alias Hook
Lisa Jensen
Reimagined from Captain Hook’s own perspective, Jensen describes how J.M. Barrie’s infamous, one-handed pirate is transformed from a farcical villain when a forbidden grown woman dreams her way to Neverland.

The Bone Orchard (Mike Bowditch)
Paul Doiron
Questioning his decision to change careers when his mentor is murderously targeted in the wake of a “suicide by cop” incident, former Maine Warden Service member Mike Bowditch joins the hunt for a sniper while investigating his friend’s secret past.

The Book of Unknown Americans
Cristina Henriquez

Moving from Mexico to America when their daughter suffers a near-fatal accident, the Riveras confront cultural barriers during their daughter’s difficult recovery and her developing relationship with a Panamanian boy.

Greg Rucka
Still recovering from the terrorist attack that nearly killed his family, Jad Bell must stop an even bigger attack being planned by the Uzbek and his employer, the Architect.

The Catch (Vanessa Michael Monroe)
Taylor Stevens
Passing as a man while working at sea for a security company she discovers is part of a gunrunning operation, Vanessa Michael Munroe escapes a pirate attack and agrees to help find her crewmates only to discover the hijackers were seeking the ship captain under her care.

The City
Dean R. Koontz
A gifted musician relates the terrible and wonderful events of 1967 that impacted his family and friends, from his indomitable “piano man” grandfather and struggling singer single mother to the everyday saints and sinners who shaped his life.

Close Call (Liz Carlyle)
Stella Rimington

While investigating an arms deal in Yemen, Liz and her counter-espionage team discover that the weapons being sold during the Arab Spring have originated in the UK.

The Confessions of Frances Godwin
Robert Hellenga
A retired high school Latin teacher begins receiving direct messages from God after she intervenes between her daughter and her abusive husband.

Cop Town
Karin Slaughter
Set in 1974 Atlanta, rookie cop Kate Murphy is teamed with agenda-seeking Maggie Lawson in a manhunt for a cop killer.

Cut and Thrust (Stone Barrington)
Stuart Woods
Attending the biggest political convention of the year in Los Angeles, Stone Barrington discovers that a close friend has posed an unexpected choice to delegates, causing alliances to be forged and broken while dark adversaries use the chaos to hide sinister plans.

Days of Rage (Pike Logan)
Brad Taylor
The Taskforce must track down those responsible for providing a weapon of mass destruction to a group of Muslim extremists in Nigeria.

Eden in Winter (Martha’s Vineyard Trilogy)
Richard North Patterson
A conclusion to the trilogy that began with Degree of Guilt and Silent Witness finds a bereaved Adam Blaine struggling against his compelling attraction to Carla Pacelli while facing a court inquest that casts suspicion on those closest to him.

Elizabeth Is Missing 
Emma Healey
When Maud, an aging grandmother who is slowly losing her memory, is convinced that her best friend, Elizabeth, is missing and in terrible danger, she becomes obsessed with saving her beloved friend despite the fact that no one – not even her daughter, the police and Elizabeth’s son – believe her.

The Forsaken
Ace Atkins
County sheriff Quinn Colson is determined to find those responsible for lynching an innocent black man in Jericho, Mississippi, 30 years ago.

The Fortune Hunter
Daisy Goodwin
A beautiful empress trapped in a loveless marriage, a dashing but impoverished horseman, and a clever heiress form a passionate love triangle in 19th-century England against a backdrop of the legendary Grand National competition.

The Girls at the Kingfisher Club
Genevieve Valentine
A reimagining of the “Twelve Dancing Princesses” traces the story of a family of flappers who work in a 1920s speakeasy until their suspicious father decides to marry them off, prompting a confrontation with a bootlegger from the eldest sister’s past.

The Heist (Gabriel Allon)
Daniel Silva
Art restorer and occasional spy for Israel, Gabriel Allon, must play a dangerous game of high stakes international intrigue as he searches for a stolen masterpiece by Caravaggio.

The Home Place
Carrie La Seur
In the wake of her manipulative sister’s death, high-powered lawyer Alma Terrebonne is forced to return home to Montana to deal with the family trouble she thought she’d left behind, and, while tending to her orphaned niece, discovers that her sister’s death may not have been an accident.

House Reckoning (A Joe DeMarco Thriller)
Mike Lawson
Twenty years after DeMarco’s father was murdered, a former mob associate, on his deathbed as he succumbs to cancer, wants to make a confession about the killer.

How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky
Lydia Netzer
A deeply religious scientist who seeks to prove the existence of a Gateway to God and a pragmatist mathematician overseeing the construction of a massive superconductor fall in love, only to discover that their mothers orchestrated their romance.

The Hundred-Year House
Rebecca Makkai
A couple living on a historic estate that once housed an artist’s colony make a discovery that leads them into a thrilling journey into the past as the secrets of the house and the people who lived there are revealed.

Inside Man (Sam Capra)
Jeff Abbott
Going undercover among one of Miami’s most prominent and dangerous families to discover who murdered his friend, Sam Capra is involved in a situation where one wrong move means death as he faces off against an unstable tycoon whose darkest secret could destroy them all.

Rainbow Rowell
Recognizing that her marriage is in deep trouble in spite of her abiding and mutual love for her husband, television writer Georgie excludes herself from a family Christmas visit before discovering a way to reconnect with the man her husband used to be.

Lucky Us
Amy Bloom
Forging a life together after being abandoned by their parents, half-sisters Eva and Iris share decades in and out of the spotlight in golden-era Hollywood and mid-20th-century Long Island.

One Plus One
JoJo Moyes
A single mom trying to raise a bullied stepson and an athlete daughter finds an unexpected rescue in the form of an obnoxious tech millionaire named Geeky Ed.

Owen’s Daughter
Jo-Ann Mapson
After Skye serves a stint in rehab and loses custody of her daughter, she vows to stay clean and be a good mother, but first she must find Gracie, who has disappeared from the care of her former mother-in-law, and finds surprising assistance from the father who abandoned Skye when she was just a child.

A Perfect Life
Danielle Steel
A mother and daughter confront respective challenges, cope with celebrity and work through tragedy while maintaining an idyllic façade to the outside world.

Peter Pan Must Die
John Verdon
Helping his former partner investigate the murder of a politically ambitious real estate developer, retired NYPD detective Dave Gurney is targeted by a murderous cop and a Greek assassin.

Power Play (FBI Thriller)
Catherine Coulter
In the wake of attempts made on the life of a U.S. ambassador over wrongful accusations about her role in her fiance’s death, Lacey Sherlock survives a drive-by shooting before learning that psychopath Blessed Backman has escaped from his mental hospital.

A Replacement Life
Boris Fishman
Determined to make his name as a writer, Slava Gelman, an immigrant living in Brooklyn, forges Holocaust-restitution claims for old Russian Jews until he, intoxicated by his inventions, risks exposure and commits an irrevocable act that finally grants him a sense of belonging in America.

The Rise & Fall of Great Powers
Tom Rachman
Enduring life in an isolated bookstore in the Welsh countryside, a young American woman reflects on her bizarre childhood under the care of expat con artists before a long-lost boyfriend offers clues to help her with unanswered questions about her heritage.

Road Ends
Mary Lawson
Leaving her dysfunctional family to start over in London, a young Canadian woman reflects on the dreamy mother, apathetic father and rambunctious younger brothers who wholly depend on her for their daily needs.

Sentinels of Fire
Peter T. Deutermann
Serving aboard the Allied destroyer USS Malloy, Executive Officer Connie Miles discovers that her much-admired captain is losing his mind under the pressure of unrelenting Japanese suicide bomber attacks.

Shots Fired: Stories from Joe Pickett Country
C. J. Box
Ten suspense stories about the Wyoming he knows so well reveal the dark deeds and impulses that can be found there.

Sight Unseen (Kendra Michaels)
Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen
A deadly accident on San Diego’s historic Cabrillo bridge is tied to a dangerous plot that threatens everyone whom intelligence sniper Kendra Michaels loves.

The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing
Mira Jacob
Decades after an interrupted visit to his mother’s home in India in 1979 triggers a haunting series of events, brain surgeon Thomas Eapen begins having conversations with his dead relatives, prompting his career-beleaguered wife to investigate a painful family history.

Sorrow Bound (Detective Sergeant McAvoy)
David Mark
Already awash in violent crime investigations due to a sadistic new drug lord, DS Aector McAvoy and Detective Superintendent Trish Pharaoh must also hunt down a serial killer.

The Spark and the Drive
Wayne Harrison
Forging a father-son bond with a talented mechanic he worships, 17-year-old Justin is forced to choose between his mentor and the man’s wife in the aftermath of a tragedy that compromises the older man’s skills.

Stormbird (War of the Roses)
Conn Iggulden
After gentle Henry VI takes the throne and is promised a royal bride from France, the rival royal line, the House of York begins their quest to oust him.

Take Me Home
Dorothy Garlock
Even though she is promised to another, Olivia Marsten is unable to deny her feelings for Peter Becker, an escaped POW who wants to spend every moment he can with her before he must turn himself in, threatening the fragile future they are trying to build.

Tween Hobo: Off the Rails
Alena Smith
An irreverent, full-length tale based on the popular Twitter feed follows the adventures of a spunky 12-year-old who traverses the railroads in search of freedom, adventure, and Justin Bieber tickets.

The Visitors
Sally Beauman
In 1922, 11-year-old Lucy, sent to Egypt to recuperate from typhoid, becomes friends with Frances, the daughter of an American archaeologist, and is drawn into the exciting world of Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter and their search for King Tut’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Warburg in Rome
James Carroll
Arriving in Rome at war’s end, determined to bring aid to the destitute European Jews, David Warburg, the new director of the U.S. War Refugee Board, becomes disillusioned when he discovers the Vatican ratline, an escape route maintained by church officials for Nazi war criminals.

Wayfaring Stranger 
James Lee Burke
A decade after taking a shot at Bonnie and Clyde during one of their notorious armed robberies, a Depression teen-turned-soldier escapes death during the Battle of the Bulge and marries a beautiful young woman with whom he seeks his fortune along the Texas-Louisiana oil coast.

The Wolf
Lorenzo Carcaterra
A powerful mob boss whose wife and daughters were killed in a terrorist attack resolves to exact revenge by rallying the heads of the world’s top criminal organizations and targeting the groups responsible for his losses.


Fantasy & Science Fiction

1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies (The Ring of Fire)
Eric Flint and Charles E. Gannon
Sent by Admiral Simpson to the New World to claim a rich oil field, newlywed Eddie Cantrell and his small task force confront formidable Spanish opposition, hostile natives, rival ships and starving colonists with the help of eccentric companions.

The Book of Life (All Souls Trilogy)
Deborah Harkness
Historian and witch Diana Bishop and her vampire scientist husband Matthew Clairmont return from a trip to the past still searching for the elusive alchemy tome Ashmole 782.

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands
Chris Bohjalian
Living in an igloo of ice and trash bags half a year after a cataclysmic nuclear disaster, Emily is convinced that she will be hated as the daughter of the drunken father who caused the meltdown, and assumes a fictional identity while protecting a homeless boy.

Equoid: A Laundry Novella
Charles Stross
While on assignment at a countryside farm, Agent Bob Howard of “The Laundry” – a secret agency tasked with protecting Britain from occult nightmares – discovers a menace of Lovecraftian proportions.

Half a King
Joe Abercrombie
Disabled heir to the throne Yarvi is prompted by the murder of his father to embark on a kingdom-transforming journey.

Last Orders (The War That Came Early)
Harry Turtledove
The lives of everyday soldiers and civilians as well as historic leaders during World War II are impacted by the fallout of Chamberlain’s alternate-world decision not to appease Hitler.

The Little Green Book of Chairman Rahma
Brian Herbert
After solving the environmental problems of the United States, dictator Chairman Rahma must fight off new weapons being deployed by the corporations and deal with unsettling reports of mutants.

Magic Breaks
Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels discovers she has just 24 hours to find the shapeshifter that murdered a Master of the Dead or risk the start of a war.

Property of a Lady Faire (Secret Histories) 
Simon R. Green
After surviving another attempt on her life, Edie Drood must save the future of her family of secret-keepers by stealing an ancient object from the Lady Faire.

M. D. Waters
Emma’s two pasts, one with Declan Burke and the other with Noah Tucker, come back to haunt her as she desperately searches for her parents.

The Queen of Tearling
Erika Johansen
Coming out of exile to ascend her rightful throne, Princess Kelsea Raleigh Glynn, with a cadre of soldiers and the magical Tearling sapphire to protect her, makes a daring decision that evokes the wrath of the evil Red Witch, forcing her to embark on a quest to save her kingdom and fulfill her destiny.

The Rhesus Chart (Laundry Files)
Charles Stross
The new manager of an organization tasked with defending England from supernatural threats must stop an outbreak of vampirism at a merchant bank.

Shattered (Iron Druid Chronicles)
Kevin Hearne
Snarky magician Atticus O’Sullivan and his apprentice, Granuaile, travel to India to battle an ancient plague-summoning demon, only to encounter a person from Atticus’s past.

Unwept (The Nightbirds)
Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman
A woman who has lost her memory in a Maine seaside town tries to determine who she can trust, including the phantom suitors in her dreams.


Mystery & Detective

Back Channel
Stephen L. Carter
While the Kennedy administration furiously debates a response to the Cuban Missile Crisis, 19-year-old black college sophomore Margo Jensen becomes an unwitting pawn in escalating tensions between American and Soviet government forces.

Book Clubbed (Booktown Mysteries)
Lorna Barrett
Bookstore owner Tricia and her sister Angelica try to determine who murdered an unpleasant receptionist at the Booktown Chamber of Commerce.

The Cat Sitter’s Nine Lives (Dixie Hemingway) 
Blaize Clement and John Clement
Witnessing an explosive collision while driving through her hometown, Dixie rescues one of the drivers, who bafflingly claims the next day that he is her husband at the same time that a befuddled bookstore owner and his fluffy orange cat go missing.

A Catered Fourth of July: A Mystery with Recipes
Isis Crawford
When a Fourth of July Revolutionary War re-enactment results in murder, sisters and caterers Bernie and Libby must serve up a very unpatriotic killer – especially when Bernie’s beau is accused of the crime.

The Competition
Marcia Clark
L.A. Special Trials prosecutor Rachel Knight and Detective Bailey Keller investigate a Columbine-style high school shooting.

The Dead Will Tell (Kate Burkholder)
Linda Castillo
Investigating a murder that was staged to look like a suicide, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder follows scanty clues to a long-ago tragedy, a case that is complicated by a second suspicious suicide and the acquittal of the man responsible for killing agent John Tomasetti’s family.

The Death of Pie (Pennsylvania Dutch Mysteries)
Tamar Myers
When a scandal-provoking, best-selling novelist falls face-down into a prize-winning apple pie during the village of Hernia’s 110th Annual Festival of Pies, Magdalena searches through a bushel of suspects to determine who is responsible for the poison-penned writer’s demise.

Dry Bones in the Valley
Tom Bouman
The lone police officer in a rural north Pennsylvania town finds trouble on the heels of the gas drilling which has brought money, crime and heroin and meth into the territory, and must investigate a murder that tears at old wounds.

Enemies at Home (Flavia Albia)
Lindsey Davis
The first-century Roman daughter of Marcus Didius Falco investigates a murder and burglary for which the victims’ innocent slaves will be executed unless the real culprit is found.

The Good, the Bad, and the Emus (Meg Langslow)
Donna Andrews
Investigating her long-lost grandmother’s alleged killer, Meg teams up with investigator Stanley Denton and her grandfather to stage a rescue of a feral emu and ostrich, only to find the rescue team accused of the suspect’s murder.

Hounded (Andy Carpenter)
David Rosenfelt
Asked to care for the orphaned four-year-old son and Bassett hound of a murdered ex-convict, defense attorney Andy Carpenter finds his circumstances further complicated when his friend, police officer Pete Stanton, is wrongly accused of the crime.

The Last Heir (Jack MacTaggart) 
Chuck Greaves
Attorney Jack MacTaggart conducts an investigation in California wine country when the heir to a family wintery goes missing under suspicious circumstances, panicking his father, who fears that the winery is being targeted by real-estate interests.

Last to Know
Elizabeth Adler
When the lakeside getaway house where Detective Harry Jordan goes to escape his stressful job is rocked by an explosion targeting an enigmatic newcomer’s house, Harry discovers that a victim did not die in the explosion and that the son of a famous local author may have seen the killer.

Margaret Truman’s Undiplomatic Murder (Capital Crimes)
Donald Bain
After a suicide bomber kills his youngest daughter at an outdoor café in Washington, D.C., private investigator Robert Brixton seeks revenge and answers.

The Night Searchers (Sharon McCone)
Marcia Muller
When she is hired to investigate devil worshippers performing human sacrifices in San Francisco, skeptical private detective Sharon McCone discovers what her clients are really up to and goes undercover in a treasure hunting group to discover the truth.

Remains of Innocence (Joanna Brady Mysteries)
J.A. Jance

While investigating two separate cases, Sheriff Joanna Brady must discover if the death of a family friend whose body was found in a limestone cavern is linked to the discovery of a fortune in $100 bills hidden in the house of a hoarder.

Snatched: A British Black Comedy
Bill James
A burglary threatens to derail director George Lepage’s dream of bringing the Japanese Ancient Surgical Skills exhibition to the Hulliborn museum.

Strangers (Nameless Detective)
Bill Pronzini
Cheryl seeks assistance from Nameless when her son, Cody Hatcher, is accused of three rapes in Mineral Springs.

A Ticket to Oblivion (Railway Detective)
Edward Marston
Inspector Colbeck and Sergeant Leeming investigate the disappearance of a young woman and her maid from a train bound for Oxford.



Born of Fury (League)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
A founding member of the Sentella organization that has declared war on the League, Hauk ruthlessly protects his brethren only to meet his match in Sumi Antaxas, a determined League assassin.

The Care and Management of Lies: A Novel of the Great War
Jacqueline Winspear
In this poignant novel of love and friendship tested by separation and war, Kezia struggles to keep her ordered life from unraveling after her husband enlists to fight for his country, while Thea, her best friend, sister-in-law and suffragette, is drawn reluctantly to the battlefield.

Fast Track
Julie Garwood
Devastated by the health setbacks of the father who lovingly raised her on his own, Cordelia learns a shocking truth about her mother and enlists the help of her best friend’s hotel magnate older brother, who is being targeted by a powerful congressman.

For All Time (Nantucket Brides Trilogy)
Jude Deveraux
Lanconian heir Graydon Montgomery bonds with hardworking Toby Wyndam, who is fatefully able to tell him apart from his twin but whom he cannot pursue because of his arranged marriage to a woman he does not love.

Diana Palmer
When her photographic memory makes her the target of a criminal who will do anything to make her forget, Carlie Blair entrusts her life and her heart to a Lakota Sioux named Carson, a man she once despised.

The Sea Garden
Deborah Lawrenson
Brilliantly interweaving three narratives, this mesmerizing story of love, mystery and murder during World War II follows three courageous women:  an award-winning British landscape designer; a young, blind perfumer’s apprentice; and a junior British intelligence officer.

Swan Point
Sherryl Woods
Single mom and fashion-boutique manager Adelia Hernandez hopes to make a new life for herself in the Swan Point neighborhood of Serenity, and the restless Gabe Franklin just may be the man to help her, if he can make amends for his past mistakes and finally settle down.

The Sweet Spot
Stephanie Evanovich
Focusing on everyone’s favorite couple from her New York Times best-seller Big Girl Panties, this hot new story follows Amanda, a curvaceous beauty and successful entrepreneur, who becomes pro baseball player Chase Walker’s number one fan when she is introduced to his very secret pre-game rituals.

Texas True (The Tylers of Texas)
Janet Dailey
The widow Natalie Haskell hopes to make a happy life with cowboy and military veteran Beau, but an accusation of murder puts their love to the ultimate test.