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New Titles Fiction June 2014

General Fiction

By Katie Crouch
Arriving in Italy for a year abroad, British student Taz joins a circle of posh, reckless girls who turn her naïve fantasies into an erotic and dangerous rush through the darkest realms of friendship.

All the Things You Are
Declan Hughes

Clare Taylor arrives home after a wild week in Chicago to discover that the house has been stripped bare and there’s no sign of her husband and two daughters. By dawn the next morning, her house has been foreclosed against, and there’s a dead body in her backyard.

The American Mission
Matthew Palmer
A former State Department star starts his career over at a Congo mining facility that is being oppressed by corrupt interests.

The Arsonist
Sue Miller
A series of summer house fires exposes deep social faults in the hometown of Frankie Rowley, who makes unsettling discoveries about her aging parents while engaging in a passionate affair with a local journalist.

The Beekeeper’s Ball (Bella Vista Chronicles)
Susan Wiggs

While transforming Bella Vista, her childhood home, into a destination cooking school, celebrated chef Isabel Johansen finds her plans interrupted by war-torn journalist Cormac O’Neill, who has arrived to dig up old history.

The Bones Beneath (Tom Thorne)
Mark Billingham
A jailed serial killer offers to reveal the locations of his earliest victims, but demands that Tom Thorne be present at the scene.

Child of Mine
Beverly Lewis and David Lewis
A desperate woman engineers a meeting with a man she believes is raising her kidnapped daughter before unexpectedly falling in love with him.

China Dolls
Lisa See
Overcoming their respective pasts to audition for showgirl roles at an exclusive San Francisco nightclub, three Asian-American girls rely on each other for survival until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor causes one of them to be betrayed and sent to an internment camp.

The Director
David Ignatius
After being told that his agency has been hacked, the director of the CIA launches a hunt into the hacker underground of Europe and America.

Lily King
Frustrated by his research efforts and depressed over the deaths of his brothers, Andre Banson runs into two fellow anthropologists, a married couple, in 1930s New Guinea and begins a tumultuous relationship with them.

Eyes on You: A Novel of Suspense
Kate White
Television host Robin Trainer must battle a malevolent enemy who just may be someone she works with every day.

Tim Winton
Struggling to rebuild in the wake of a scandal, a once-ambitious environmentalist is rescued from desperation by a woman from his past and her preternatural child.

David Baldacci
An unprecedented collective features pairings by 23 best-selling and critically-acclaimed suspense writers, including John Sandford, F. Paul Wilson, and R. L. Stine, who, in short high-action stories, pit their most popular characters against one another.

The Farm
Tom Rob Smith
After learning that his mother was committed to a mental hospital, Daniel receives a call from her, claiming that her lying father is part of a crime conspiracy.

The Glass Kitchen
Linda Francis Lee
Moving to New York City after inheriting a dilapidated brownstone, three sisters open a restaurant that is challenged by one of the sister’s reluctance to use instinctive culinary talents that have gotten her into trouble in the past.

The Heiresses
Sara Shepard
After their 34-year-old cousin Poppy jumps to her death, her cousins and remaining heiresses of the Saybrook family – Aster, Corrine, Natasha and Rowan – receive an ominous warning that forces them to uncover a dark truth about their family before they lose the only thing money can’t buy—their lives.

History of the Rain
Niall Williams
The bedridden daughter of a dead poet struggles to find her father through the stories that are central to her world, an effort that takes her through family writings, oral traditions, her father’s library and her own writing.

The Hollow Ground  (cover)
Natalie S. Harnett
Moving in with her estranged grandparents when the underground mine fires of 1960s Pennsylvania ravage her coal-country home, Irish-American Brigid Howley makes a grisly discovery in a long-abandoned bootleg mine shaft that reveals decades-old secrets.

The Hurricane Sisters
Dorothea Benton Frank
When an emotional hurricane blows through their lives, testing them in ways they never thought possible, 23-year-old Ashley Anne Waters, her mother, Liz, and Maisie, the family matriarch, must turn to each other for strength and support as the bonds they share are ultimately transformed.

I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You
Courtney Maum
A romance set in reverse takes place in Paris and London and follows an artist’s attempts to fall back in love with his wife after the end of his affair, an effort that is challenged by the sale of a personal painting and his wife’s discovery of his infidelity.

I Love You More
Jennifer Murphy
A young girl reflects on her father’s untimely murder, which reveals to her chief-suspect mother his marriages and children with two other women.

The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street
Susan Jane Gilman
Russian immigrant Malka arrives in Manhattan in 1913 where she struggles to survive and learns trade secrets from an Italian-ice peddler before setting off across America in an ice cream truck with a handsome, illiterate political radical.

James Patterson and David Ellis
On leave from her FBI researcher career, Emmy Dockery tries to convince her boyfriend that hundreds of unsolved cases are linked to a single perpetrator.

Invisible Ellen
Shari Shattuck
Enduring a seemingly invisible existence on the sidelines, Ellen Homes records her observations of the world in notebooks, until the night she saves a blind woman from a mugging, an act which irrevocably transforms her own life.

The Last Kind Words Saloon
Larry McMurtry
Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday move across the frontier from Long Grass, Texas, to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Denver.

The Last Magazine
Michael Hastings
A posthumous debut novel by the author of The Operators is based on the author’s work for Newsweek and follows the efforts of an ambitious journalism intern to land a full-time job against the backdrop of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Lights Out!
Donald Bain
Desperate to escape his loveless marriage and embark on a new life in Argentina with the beautiful Gina Ellanado, Canadian engineer Carlton Smythe devises an audacious money-making scheme, but things go off the rails when he begins to do business with reputed local Mafia boss Dominick Martone.

A Long Time Gone
Karen White

Breaking her vow never to return to the Mississippi Delta, Vivien Walker heads home, only to find her dear grandmother dead and her estranged mother showing signs of senility.

Mambo in Chinatown
Jean Kwok
Enduring a limited existence with her Chinese-American father, Charlie Wong discovers new opportunities and perspectives when she takes a job at a ballroom studio where her natural talents begin to emerge.

The Matchmaker
Elin Hilderbrand
Storied matchmaker and Nantucket resident Dabney Kimball has her own life and match turned upside down when her true love of 27 years prior to returns to the island.

Midnight in Europe
Alan Furst
Failing to secure American support for the Republican side of the Spanish Civil War in 1938, a minor Spanish noble travels to Paris where he promotes the Republic cause before undertaking a mission to infiltrate the Spanish government.

A Moment in Time (Lone Star Brides)
Tracie Peterson
Scarred by an attack that killed her father, Alice Chesterfield relocates to a Texas ranch to start over, confront the truth about her father’s dealings, rediscover her faith, reconnect with her mother and pursue a relationship with an unavailable man.

Mr. Mercedes
Stephen King
Months after a crazed hit-and-run driver kills several attendees at a Midwestern job fair, a depressed retired cop and two unlikely allies join forces to find and stop the killer, who has sent a letter threatening another attack.

Nantucket Sisters
Nancy Thayer
The life-long best friendship between privileged Emma and hardscrabble Maggie is challenged and then cemented by the discovery that both are pregnant – by the same man.

Night Heron
Adam Brookes
Twenty years after he was caught as a British spy, Peanut escapes a labor camp in Northwest China and seeks assistance from a crusading journalist in exchange for military secrets.

The Possibilities
Kaui Hart Hemmings
Overwhelmed by her son Cully’s avalanche-related death, single mother Sarah St. John struggles through the well-meant advice of loved ones before a young woman appears on her doorstep, claiming that she is carrying Cully’s child.

Problems with People: Stories
David Guterson
A collection of stories by the award-winning author of Snow Falling on Cedars is set in his beloved Pacific Northwest and explores themes of love and the human drive to connect with others.

The Red Room (Risk Agent)
Ridley Pearson
Pressured into brokering an art deal in Istanbul, surveillance expert John Knox and his partner, the fearless Grace Chu, orchestrate a brief meeting with a mysterious man only to be thwarted by an unexpected number of adversaries.

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Ascendancy
Eric Lustbader
Hired to impersonate a high-ranking government official at a summit in Qatar, Jason Bourne survives a massive attack by armed men before being taken prisoner by an infamous terrorist who is also holding a close friend and her toddler daughter.

Rogue Code (Jeff Aiken)
Mark Russinovich
Investigating a possible breach in the New York Stock Exchange, cyber security expert Jeff Aiken discovers that high-ranking officials both knew about the breach and allowed millions to be stolen, a finding that causes Jeff to be violently targeted by powerful enemies who would upend the U.S. economy.

Save the Date
Mary Kay Andrews
Hired for a wedding she hopes will secure her career, florist Cara designs beautiful arrangements in spite of a personal belief that love does not exist, an opinion that is challenged when the bride goes missing.

The Skin Collector (Lincoln Rhyme)
Jeffery Deaver
A serial killer scrawls cryptic messages on his victims using a poisoned tattoo gun, as Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs try to figure out his next move in this sequel to the best-selling The Bone Collector.

The Stories We Tell
Patti Callahan Henry
The marriage of a culturally influential Savannah couple is challenged by differences about work, their rebellious teen daughter, and a revealing car accident involving the wife’s sister.

Summer House with Swimming Pool
Herman Koch
Concealing the medical mistake that caused the death of a famous actor, Dr. Marc Schlosser gradually reveals the personal reasons he sought the victim’s death, including an assault on the doctor’s daughter.

The Summer Wind (Low Country Summer Trilogy)
Mary Alice Monroe
After being abandoned by her husband and left to raise their autistic son on her own, Dora, who for years played the role of a perfect wife in a loveless marriage, spends a stormy summer of healing and self-discovery with her half-sisters and grandmother.

David Fuller
Imprisoned under a different name after being assumed killed in a Bolivian shootout, Harry Longbaugh, infamously known as The Sundance Kid, reenters a changed world in 1913 and is determined to reconnect with his beloved wife, Etta, only to discover she has developed a violent nature.

That Night
Chevy Stevens
Returning home after serving time for the wrongful conviction of her sister’s murder, Toni struggles to reacclimate and avoid parole violations while her boyfriend, who was also wrongly convicted, resolves to clear their names.

Those Who Wish Me Dead
Michael Koryta
After witnessing a murder, a young teen is hidden in a wilderness skills program for troubled kids while the killers embark on a methodical quest to reach him.

Unexpected Waltz
Kim Wright
Recently widowed from a much older, wealthy man with whom she spent her married life doing charity work, Kelly finds renewal through ballroom dancing at the sides of a young Russian dance teacher, a hospice worker and a childhood confidante.

Waiting for the Electricity
Christina Nichol
Enduring scant employment and corruption in a post-Communist republic of Georgia where farming life is giving way to an oil pipeline, maritime lawyer Slims Achmed Makashvili applies to an American senator’s internship program in the hopes of bringing opportunity to his homeland.

What Is Visible
Kimberly Elkins
The life and challenges of Laura Bridgman, a deaf and blind woman who learned sign language 50 years before Helen Keller did, is explored through those who helped her, including the founder of the Perkins Institute, with whom she was in love.

Stacey D’Erasmo
Disappearing for years after a meteoric rise in the indie rock scene, powerhouse singer Anna sells the last of her resources to finance a comeback album and reclaim an ultimate transcendent moment on the stage.

That Summer (cover)
Lauren Willig
Inheriting a London house from an unknown relative, Julia begins work on the house at the side of an alluring antiques dealer before discovering an old painting that reveals the house’s shrouded history and the story of a mid-19th-century woman trapped in a loveless marriage.

The Year She Left Us
Kathryn Ma
Exploring the promise and pain of adoption, 18-year-old Ari Kong has a disastrous visit to her “home” orphanage in China, only to be plunged into a self-destructive spiral that forces all of the Kong women to come face to face with the truths of their lives.

The Zodiac Deception
Gary Kriss
Offered a pardon by the OSS in exchange for impersonating a German astrologer, con man David Walker infiltrates the Nazi High Command to gain Heinrich Himmler’s trust and persuade him to assassinate Hitler.


Fantasy & Science Fiction

The Merchant Emperor (Symphony of Ages)
Elizabeth Haydon
While Ashe, Gwydion Navarne and Lord Marshal Anborn prepare to combat the forces of a throne-seeking Talquist, the Merchant Emperor of Sorbold forges an alliance with two demons and Rhapsody goes into hiding to protect her infant son.

The Dark between the Stars (Saga of Shadows Trilogy)
Kevin J. Anderson
Set 20 years after The Saga of the Seven Suns finds the cosmos threatened by a new adversary that forces the human race to set aside internal conflicts and rebuild an alliance with the Ildiran Empire.

Earth Awakens (The First Formic War)  (cover)
Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
A latest entry in the Ender’s Game prequel series that includes Earth Afire follows an invasion of terraforming aliens on Earth, which is complicated by politics and power struggles until a small band of humans organize a desperate defense.

The Herald (The Sundering)
Ed Greenwood
Elminster tries to save Faerun from forces amassing for war as predicted in a prophesy without the support of Mystra, the Goddess of Magic.

The Man with Compound Eyes
Wu Ming-Yi
An English-language debut by an award-winning Taiwanese writer is set on a mythical island where a young man is sent out alone into the Pacific as a sacrifice to the Sea God, only to discover a vast island made out of trash that collides with the coastal home of a suicidal Taiwanese professor.

Red as Blood (Elemental Masters)
Mercedes Lackey
Gretchen Schwarzwald, or Little Red Riding Hood, is rescued by the Woodsman’s Lodge Fire Master after her parents are killed by werewolves.

Rescue Mode
Ben Bova and Les Johnson
When a first human mission to Mars is devastated by a meteoroid strike, the spacecraft’s survivors struggle against impossible odds while decision-makers on Earth confront bureaucratic political forces.

Daniel H. Wilson
A sequel to the best-selling Robopocalypse is told through a series of narratives that finds new and former characters fighting to rebuild a war-stricken world under threat of the surviving Archos machine code.

A Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry)
Laurell K. Hamilton
Expecting triplets, faerie princess and former private eye Merry Gentry fights to save herself and her babies from Taranis, King of Light and Illusion, by appealing to a god of death known as Darkness.

Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson)
Darynda Jones
Wanting to learn more about Reyes Farrow’s past after accepting his proposal, grim reaper Charley Davidson investigates his childhood abduction at the same time she is threatened by a crime syndicate to hunt down a witness who is testifying against a mob boss.


Mystery & Detective

All Day and a Night (Ellie Hatcher)
Alafair Burke
Taking the wrongful conviction claim of Anthony Amaro, who believes he has evidence exonerating him in the murder of her sister, Carrie Bank works alongside NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher to reopen the investigation that led to Amaro’s arrest, only to have the violence escalate as they get closer to the truth.

The Baklava Club (Investigator Yashim)
Jason Goodwin
A conclusion to the Edgar Award-winning series follows Investigator Yashim’s efforts to untangle a botched assassination attempt involving a kidnapped Polish prince, a mysterious adversary and Yashim’s romantic priorities.

Bone Dust White
Karin Salvalaggio
Witnessing the murder of the mother who abandoned her in childhood, Detective Macy Greeley struggles for answers about their past while hunting down the killer.

The Book Stops Here (Bibliophile Mysteries)
Kate Carlisle
After displaying a valuable, first-edition copy of a classic children’s book on a hit TV show, Brooklyn Wainwright faces threats by a man claiming ownership of the volume.

Circles in the Snow (Bo Tully Mysteries)
Patrick F. McManus
Idaho sheriff Bo Tully is contemplating retirement when a prominent local rancher is murdered by an arrow bearing the likeness of an eagle at the same time as a string of bald-eagle killings baffle the community.

A Dark and Twisted Tide (Lacey Flint)
S. J. Bolton
Living in a houseboat on the River Thames, former detective Lacey Flint finds a shrouded body in the river, only to discover that she is being watched by a dark adversary.

A Deadly Business (Mia Quinn Mysteries)  (cover)
Lis W. Wiehl
Single mother and Seattle prosecutor Mia Quinn’s life is turned upside down when homicide detective Charlie Carlson tells her he believes her husband’s death in a car wreck was by no means an accident.

Denial of Murder (Harry Vicary Police Procedurals)
Peter Turnbull
When the bodies of two murder victims are discovered within 24 hours of each other at the same location, each  with a similar cause of death, Vicary and his team are drawn into a complex investigation which leads them to the door of a criminal mastermind.

The Devil May Care (McKenzie)
David Housewright
When the granddaughter of powerful Walter Muehlenhaus asks for help finding her missing boyfriend, a reluctant McKenzie discovers that the missing man had misrepresented himself and was sought by dangerous adversaries.

Doing It at the Dixie Dew
Ruth Moose
When her newly-opened bed and breakfast is threatened by the discovery of a murdered guest, Beth McKenzie questions eccentric locals in her small community of Littleboro, only to become the killer’s next target.

Fatal Enquiry (Barker & Llewellyn)
Will Thomas
When the British government grants immunity to sociopath Sebastian Nightwine in exchange for help, Cyrus Barker and his assistant, Thomas Llewellyn, land in the greatest danger of their lives while exposing Nightwine’s true agenda.

Identity (Fina Ludlow)
Ingrid Thoft

Assigned to help a single mother who wants to learn the confidential identity of a sperm donor, private investigator Fina Ludlow encounters more trouble than anticipated when the donor is murdered within hours of the case going public.

Invisible City (Rebekah Roberts)
Julia Dahl
Investigating the murder of a Hasidic Jewish woman who, because of religious laws will be buried without an autopsy, Brooklyn journalist Rebekah Roberts, whose Jewish mother abandoned her as a baby, intercedes to prevent the woman’s killer from getting away with the crime.

Murder at Honeychurch Hall
Hannah Dennison
When her reckless mother reveals that she has been writing steamy best-selling romances, former television host Kat Stanford is targeted with suspicion while staying at her mother’s carriage house, a situation that is complicated by a housekeeper’s murder.

Murder in Merino (Seaside Knitters Mysteries)
Sally Goldenbaum
While visiting her aunt and uncle in Sea Harbor, Izzy discovers a body in the backyard of their cottage and must rely on the Seaside Knitters to unravel the murder.

Murder on the Hoof
Kathryn O’Sullivan
A sequel to Foal Play finds a local theater production in the Outer Banks town of Corolla thrown into turmoil by the murders of two cast members, prompting Fire Chief Colleen McCabe to team up with Sheriff Bill Dorman to identify the killer.

Nine Lives to Die (Mrs. Murphy) (cover)
Rita Mae Brown
A busy holiday season for Harry, her husband her posse of pet detectives, is interrupted by dark secrets from the community’s past involving a cold case and a 25-year-old love triangle.

Phantom Instinct
Meg Gardiner
Struggling to rebuild after a club shooting, bartender Harper Flynn searches for the escaped gunman with the help of L.S. Deputy Sheriff Aiden Garrison, whose injuries in the same incident left him with a rare type of perception blindness.

Shockwave (Aftershock)
Andrew Vachss

When a schizophrenic man is wrongly charged with murder by a tourism-minded D.A., mental-health director Mack entreats former battlefield nurse Dolly and ex-mercenary Dell to infiltrate the hate-group underworld in order to find the real killer.

The Silkworm
Robert Gailbraith
Cormoran Strike investigates the brutal murder of a novelist who, in his most recent book, unflatteringly portrayed people from his life.

A Song for the Dying
Stuart MacBride
When the serial killer known as “The Inside Man” returns after an eight-year hiatus, Ash Henderson, the Detective Inspector on the case who was framed for the murders, finally gets a shot at freedom – and revenge.

Terminal City (Alex Cooper)
Linda A. Fairstein
Assistant DA Alex Cooper and detective Mike Chapman confronting Grand Central Terminal’s dark secrets as well their own changing relationship.

Top Secret Twenty-One (Stephanie Plum)
Janet Evanovich
Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum becomes immersed in another ultra-secret case.

Unlucky 13 (Women’s Murder Club)
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
San Francisco detective Lindsay Boxer has her happy world of new motherhood ruined when a psychopathic killer from an old case returns.

Vertigo 42 (Richard Jury)
Martha Grimes
Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, Scotland Yard Superintendent Richard Jury’s investigation into a cold case involves a vertigo sufferer’s fatal accident after a young girl’s death in the same house.

Yarn Over Murder (Knitting Mysteries)
Maggie Sefton
Kelly Flynn and the House of Lambspun knitters help save their friend’s alpacas from a fast-moving wildfire while one of their group comes under suspicion for murder after a husband-stealing local rancher turns up dead.



Shield of Winter (Psy/Changelings)
Nalini Singh
Vasic must save his race, the Psy, from a lethal contagion with the assistance of Ivy, who rebuilt her life after undergoing a series of operations that hindered her abilities.

Stormy Persuasion (Malory)
Johanna Lindsey
Postponing her London debut to join her cousin and best friend in America, Judith Malory meets deckhand Nathan Tremayne, an undercover smuggler who is attempting to escape a death sentence.

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon
Jamie returns to Claire’s side in Revolutionary War-era Philadelphia.