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Discussion Hints For Leaders And Participants

Discussion Hints for Leaders:

Read the book quickly for plot and then reread to learn how the author develops themes, characters, and events.

Provide background material on the author and events of any special historical significance...a map, artwork, special food or music may help discussion. (Fifteen minutes at most)

General Questions

Which characters do you like or dislike? Stereotypical? A foil? Is any one character the author's mouthpiece?

What role does fate play in the lives of the characters, events?

What are the most important relationships, events, milestones in book and why?

What is the narrator's view of the world? Is he/she a good choice for this role?

What is the main conflict? (politics, religion, relationships, culture, economics, gender) Successfully resolved?

Describe the writing style....any memorable scenes, characterizations?

Why did the author write this book? Strengths and weaknesses?

Would it make a good movie?

What would happen if ???? (Try to come up with alternatives to plot or characters' actions) are not expected to be the authority but rather the moderator.

Discussion Hints for Participants:

Listen to the comments of others. 

Offer your ideas honestly and briefly. 

Try not to digress from the discussion (Varies with each group) 

Each member brings her/his own personalities, experiences, and backgrounds to the meeting. Disagreement enriches discussion.

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