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Poetry Collections Featuring Nature

Poetry Collections Featuring Nature

American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau
Bill McKibben  333.72 AME

Art & Nature: An Illustrated Anthology of Nature Poetry
Kate Farrell  808.819354 ART

Bright Wings: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems about Birds
Billy Collins  808.819362 BRI

The Ecopoetry Anthology
Fisher-Wirth, Ann W.  811.008036 ECO

Skies in Blossom: The Nature Poetry of Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson  811.4 DIC

April Twilights and Other Poems
Willa Cather  811.52 CAT

Spring Poems along the Rio Grande
Jimmy Santiago Baca  811.54 BAC

New Collected Poems
Wendell Berry  811.54 BER

Picnic, Lightning
Billy Collins  811.54 COL

The Apple Trees at Olema: New and Selected Poems
Robert Hass  811.53 HAS

The Life Around Us: Selected Poems on Nature
Denise Levertov  811.54 LEV

The Least Little Thing: Poems
Mark David Mitchell  811.54 MIT

Truro the Bear and Other Adventures: Poems and Essays
Mary Oliver  811.54 OLI

I've Heard the Vultures Singing: Field Notes on Poetry, Illness, and Nature
Lucia Maria Perillo  811.54 PER

Holy Heathen Rhapsody
Pattiann Rogers  811.54 ROG

The Best of It: New and Selected Poems
Kay Ryan  811.54 RYA

Collected Essays and Poems
Henry David Thoreau  818.3 THO

Cattails and Sagebrush
Victor Pearn  818.6 PEA

The Song of the Earth
Jonathan Bate  821.70936 BAT

Second Space: New Poems
Czeslaw Milosz  891.8517 MIL

Written on the Sky: Poems from the Japanese
Kenneth Rexroth  895.61008 WRI